Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Laundry & A Baby

I was doing laundry today and thinking that it really hasn't been bad (so far) with the addition of baby clothes. Maybe once Madison starts dumping grape juice & spaghetti sauce on herself I'll be doing a lot more, but so far, I haven't noticed an increase in laundry volume. From the way people talked before I had her, you would've thought I'd be doing a load of just baby clothes every other day!

This is my baby cupboard, btw --

It shares one shelf with the CDs & books that once occupied a much smaller bookshelf we got rid of. Check out that middle shelf of clothes. The insane thing is those are all 0-3 month sized! And the sad thing is probably 80% of them, she'll never get to wear. CUTE stuff, too. Bummer. If anyone out there gets pregnant in the next month or so & finds out you're having a girl, let me know -- I'll have some cute outfits to pass on to you!

Speaking of clothes -- that's another pre-pregnancy misconception. People were telling me I could go through a half dozen or more onesies each DAY. I thought that seemed extreme but I was assured this was sure to be the case. Well - not so. I think there have been a few times I might have gone through 3 in a day -- but it's more frequent she can wear a onesie for 3 DAYS before it needs changing.

The Camera

What IS that thing growing off your face, Mama??

Monday, September 24, 2007

Nebraska Football

No no, I didn't go to the football game. Ha!! No way. ;-) But Matt did & had a blast. Matt works for the State Legislature, and the senator he works for had tickets he couldn't use for the game this past weekend. Because the senators all have prime seating, Matt had a great view -- 3rd row near the 40th or 45th yard line. (Listen to me - talking football babble!) At the end they were able to go down on the sidelines, too. It was the perfect day to be outside for a game - sunny & mild.

P.S. More football photos on Picasa

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sleeping Well

Madison had 4 consecutive nights of sleeping through the night (at least 8 hours). We hoped it would be a new & permanent trend, but last night she woke up hungry at 4:30am. Oh well - at least she slept for 6 hours straight - we'll take that, too! Hopefully she'll go back to sleeping through the night again tonight.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

8 Weeks

Madison was 8 Weeks on Friday. Time has gone by SO fast... and yet it seemed to take so long to get to this point. I'm very thankful to have made it so far. The early weeks were so tough - definitely a labor of love & and act of the will. But telling ourselves "It will get better" has proven true. This stage definitely has a lot more cute fun moments - and I know it will continue to increase.

7 Weeks

Getting ready for Civil War weekend...

Big Smile

Autumn Arrives in Lincoln

6 Weeks

These are a couple of my favorite 6 Week photos of Madison

And a couple with Mommy & Daddy ~

The Kinsley Trio

Just the 3 of us ~

Hello Blogger World!

Well, I feel a little at a loss sitting down to create this blog. I've resisted creating a blog ever since I first heard of them - a trend I was not going to fall into. Now, with the demise of Photosite.com we are needing a new home to post photos & keep everyone updated with our goings on. Not sure if I'll end up using this as a traditional blog or not. Time will tell.

In the meantime, hope those of you visiting will enjoy whatever nonsense we can come up with to share!