Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Laundry & A Baby

I was doing laundry today and thinking that it really hasn't been bad (so far) with the addition of baby clothes. Maybe once Madison starts dumping grape juice & spaghetti sauce on herself I'll be doing a lot more, but so far, I haven't noticed an increase in laundry volume. From the way people talked before I had her, you would've thought I'd be doing a load of just baby clothes every other day!

This is my baby cupboard, btw --

It shares one shelf with the CDs & books that once occupied a much smaller bookshelf we got rid of. Check out that middle shelf of clothes. The insane thing is those are all 0-3 month sized! And the sad thing is probably 80% of them, she'll never get to wear. CUTE stuff, too. Bummer. If anyone out there gets pregnant in the next month or so & finds out you're having a girl, let me know -- I'll have some cute outfits to pass on to you!

Speaking of clothes -- that's another pre-pregnancy misconception. People were telling me I could go through a half dozen or more onesies each DAY. I thought that seemed extreme but I was assured this was sure to be the case. Well - not so. I think there have been a few times I might have gone through 3 in a day -- but it's more frequent she can wear a onesie for 3 DAYS before it needs changing.

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Sarah M. said...

I know there were a few days earlier on where Lauren went through several outfits (max I think was 4 including her pj's) in a day, but that was because she was going through a spitting up stage or a leaky diaper stage. Since week 7 those days are few and far between... actually, she doesn't usually change outfits, except from pj's to clothes and back to pj's again. But because she has many outfits I do make a point of changing her around. :)