Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas in NY

We made it back! Our Christmas visits in NY were wonderful. It was so good to see everyone again - it had been too long. The week was super hectic - we didn't have a lot of down time unfortunately, but it was still fun. All 3 of us came down with colds the day before we flew out, so physically we felt lousy the whole time - bummer.

Our flights were mostly uneventful. The layovers in O'Hare were delayed by 2 hours both going & coming home, but we were very thankful that we even made it. There were SO many flights cancelled. I felt so bad for those getting stuck in the airport just days before or after Christmas. Madison did great on the flights. For the most part she was distracted by her surroundings, but occasionally she would get so overtired she'd have a meltdown & scream for a couple minutes before dropping off to sleep.

I will get a few pictures posted now & do a bunch more later on Picasa. Once I got home, I realized how few chances I had to use my camera during our visit. Most of the time I was doing the visiting rather than photographing those visited. The rest of my family took pictures though so I will be getting more from them.

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