Friday, February 22, 2008

Computer Woes

All our stuff is moved in & the process went fairly smooth. We are now working on the settling in process... the process of finding a place for everything.

Our move-in did have its troubles... one of which was that the box with our computer in it was tripped over and seems to have broken our computer. AAURGH! Sooo the computer is currently in the shop getting the motherboard replaced. Once that is fixed they will be able to tell if there is yet more damage to repair. PRAY that will fix the problem. So in the meantime, we are without a computer & internet -- extremely frustrating since we use it for everything from studying to phone book lookup to bill paying. We really feel like our hands are tied.

It's great being back though. We are enjoying the time spent so far with friends & family. Tomorrow is my friend's bridal shower which Madison & I are hoping to attend.

Hopefully we'll be back online & back in touch with everyone soon!


Niecey said...

Ugh that's terrible. Sorry to hear about the puter. Hope it gets resolved soon. We've got to get webcamming.

Sarah Mehrens said...

Ugh, that's terrible! Once you get settled I'd love to catch up -- hear about your new place, what life is life being back in NY... how sureal that must feel after the last several years! Who's getting married? Anyone I know? Btw, I've been meaning to ask you... what company did you use to create that calendar you made and posted on Picasa in Nov?