Monday, March 3, 2008

NY Weekend

It's amazing how quickly we're getting to experience the typical NY winter. It figures -- right after we move, NE is getting 60 degree weather and we're getting snow and cold. Oh well - such is life in upstate NY.

This weekend was a blast though, despite the winter weather. As Matt said, we didn't really have the opportunity to enjoy snow & cold in NE. It was just a nusaince. Driving through the Finger Lakes though on a cold, crisp, sunny day past tall trees and gentle hills is a refreshing and beautiful sight. Sundays have been our day to visit my parents after church and yesterday was no exception. In addition to my parents and sister being there, my brother came over with his family along with another family we're friends with. Between the bunch of us, we had 5 little kids to keep track of (all 6 and under). At one point we took a walk up through the fields to the woods. Even though it was cold, it was sunny & warm on our faces. Trudging through 6 inches of snow gave us a good workout. The kids started getting tired so we ended up pulling them back on sleds. After a sledding break at the Big Hill (which is behind my grandma's house), we continued our walk to the 'ocean' as our friends' little girl called the lake. We walked along the shore, across a temporary frozen pond covered with goose footprints. The guys had a snowball fight. It was such a lovely day and a fun time. It's for moments such as these we came back to NY and are enjoying every minute.

The apartment is getting more in order all the time -- I hope to get some pictures up soon. Madison & I are going for a walk this afternoon since it's so nice out. I'm hoping Madison cheers back up again soon... she seems in a funk since we've moved to NY. I think she was happier as a Nebraskan. ;-) She still seems extra fussy much of the time, very clingy to Momma and smiles are much less frequent. In feeling her gums, she may have a tooth coming through on the top -- but nothing has popped through yet, so maybe she just has lumpy gums. If it is a tooth though, that could account for some of her grumpiness and hopefully will pass soon.


Sarah Mehrens said...

I know what you mean about grumpiness, possible teeth, and just all around "funks". Lauren was in a bad funk for 3 days right before we left for CA. It passed and we had a great time in CA, though she had a hard time adjusting to the time change. Just as she did... we flew home. Now she's going through it again. I thought part of the funk could be teeth related, but still no signs of teeth. I think she was growing right before we left. Now it's just that she's all mixed up about the time of day and of course she has a runny nose (cold?), so that doesn't help.

Sounds like you're very happy in NY. So happy for you guys. I'm sure once Madison adjusts to her new home she'll be her happy self again.

Niecey said...

She misses me, that's what's wrong with her. She wants you to come back to Aunt Niecey.