Friday, September 12, 2008

"It's Guts"

Madison seems to have a phrase of the week which, among her incoherent baby babble, is the dominant phrase she repeats. At one time it was "Degas" then "Dubai" (we said we were starting her early in classical and international studies). More recently it was "What's that?" pointing at everything, then "this, this" while pointing. Over the last few days her new phrase has been (or what sounds like) "it's guts" or sometimes "see? guts". You have to wonder in her little baby brain what in the world she's really trying to get across. :-)


Sarah Mehrens said...

Could she be saying "guys?" Like "you guys"?

Niecey said...

Hehe I love it. And they sure sound like they really mean something. Zoe used to say "chumps". Sometimes when she was extra enthusiastic it was "chumps chumps chumps". Never did figure out what she meant.