Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy 90th Grandma T!

This past weekend we had a 90th Birthday Celebration for my GrandmaT - Madison & Avery's Great Grandma. We had a big party and then several smaller family get togethers. All of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were present. It was a fun time -- we hope to do it again for her 100th in 10 years!

As a side note, Avery is doing much better this week -- cold is getting better and she's been nursing better for me. Unfortunately, Matt & I came down with the cold over the weekend and Madison has been sniffly today, so we're not over it yet. Hopefully it will run its course quickly.
Grandma with the grandchildren and great-grandchildren -

Family (mom's side) -- Sorry about the camera strap...

Our family of four --

Madison, ready for church --
Tired little girl on the drive home --


Jennifer said...

The family picture cracks me up. Your dad looks confused, aunt cheryl looks like she's in lala land, Natalie looks bored, Alyssa is half cut, jared, and I are the only ones that look like we know what we are doing,lol.

Niecey said...

You're a fantastic looking family of 4. love you guys

Sarah M. said...

What a great celebration. My grandfather is turning 90 this summer and my mom wants to hold a surprise party for him.

Love that picture of Madison ready for church. She looks like a little doll in that dress. :)

Btw, C, you're looking good. :)