Monday, January 11, 2010

Avery Rosie at 10 Months

I haven't been very good with updates on Avery - the life of a 2nd child I guess, poor thing. I had been thinking she's behind where Madison was at this age, but when I look it up, she ends up being ahead of Madison in many areas!

FOOD: Madison started solid foods at 4 1/2 months. Avery was barely interested in solids at 6 months. However, Avery has gone more quickly to all table foods than Madison did. If we're eating steak & potatoes, Avery wants steak & potatoes and will complain until she gets them! Never mind she only has 2 teeth... Avery is a much better chewer than Madison was though. She is careful to put only a little in her mouth at a time & chew it well. Madison was more apt to shove all the contents of her plate into her mouth at once.

TEETH: So far, Avery has her 2 bottom front teeth. Madison didn't have her first tooth until after she turned 1 year.

TALK: Avery isn't talking yet, not in words or syllables. She doesn't have a lot to say but when she does, it's loud. 'AAAAAaaaAAAAhhhHHHH!' That's her most common repeated phrase that she responds to Madison's conversations with her. No 'Buhs' or 'Muhs' or 'Dadas' yet. Madison didn't start talking until around 10 months though & once she did, she never stopped!

WALK: Avery is ahead & behind Madison in the crawling/walking dept. Madison was slower to start crawling & pulling herself up, but then Madison was standing by 10 months & walking by 11. At 10 months, Avery shows little interest in walking. However, at her 6 month dr. visit when they asked "Is she sitting up yet?", I replied, "Um, she's crawling." So in that area, she's way ahead. She's also been pulling herself up to standing for almost as long as she's been crawling.

HAIR: It's funny to look at pictures of Madison at this age. Avery has WAY more hair than Madison did.

Those are all the fun facts I can come up with right now!


Niecey said...

I find that my babies who started solids later did MUCH better with textures and things. The ones who started on baby purees early on found it hard to switch to lumpy food and then table food. Makes sense really, God designed babies before anyone designed a food mill. :)

Sounds like Avery is quite a smart cookie. Yup, the second babies don't get quite the same attention. It's a shame really, but inevitable.

Kinsleys4 said...

Yep, I enjoy the times when Madison is napping & Avery is awake. Avery gets her 'only child' time with Mommy.