Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcoming Bailey!

Welcome to the world Bailey Thomas Davison Kinsley, born April 19, 2011 at 10:43PM by c-section, weighing in at 11 lb. 5 oz.

So sorry to all those checking for pics & not finding them yet! It's been a challenge with 3 kids, newborn & recovering to get to the computer. :-) Enjoy a few pics of Bailey's first week of life!


Niecey said...

What a gorgeous BIG boy!!! Much love to you all. Enjoy these precious weeks.

Jared said...

Glad to see he is finally dressed like a boy. ;-)

Sigman Family said...

Wow, Matt! Congratulations!!! I guess I was a bit out of the loop when he was born, I think we were cleaning and moving, then we got a puppy. I missed his birth somehow! He is absolutely beautiful!! I can't believe he was almost 11 1/2lb!!! That is incredible! No wonder she had a c-section! Poor Christa, she is tiny! :) Well, I am so glad you have a baby boy now! All your kids are adorable! I can't believe how big your girls got! They are just precious! You take care, Mattie! And God bless, bro! :)