Friday, October 5, 2007

Casualty of War

Turns out our Civil War battle over the weekend wasn't without casualties. Matt usually comes home with red irritated eyes from all the smoke & black powder. Monday his left eye was really bothering him, and when it continued on Tuesday, he went to the doctor.

Turns out he had a tiny piece of metal in his eye, right on the edge of his iris. We presume this happened on the battle field, probably someone using the incorrect caps which have little metal prongs that can go flying. Our doctor removed the piece and gave Matt an antibiotic and a tetanus shot after he also found it left a rust ring.

Thursday Matt went back to the doctor to be sure the metal was all out. The doctor found there was still rust in Matt's eye, so he sent him to an opthalmologist to have his eye sanded! Sure enough, the eye doctor used an intrument that looked like a mini grinder to get the rust off his eyeball. (This would be the time to cringe & say EWWWW!!)

The pictures make it look worse than it is. The eye is healing now -- irritated but only a little pink. His main complaint now is the Tylenol with Codeine seems to be making him nauseous.

So yeah, the Civil War might be over but we seem to have a casualty after every battle. This time, the eye. Last time, a flat tire. The time before that, a cracked windshield. But we fight on!

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