Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Girl and Her Doll

With the demise of American Girl -- going from teaching young girls history & values and encouraging them to be little girls, to becoming the trendy, hip, you-can-be-cool type of fad we often hope to avoid, I've been thinking about the future of doll collecting for Madison. I know, I know, it's a little early. She's not even 3 months yet. Maybe it's just the girl in me that wants to get her started already. Since I started collecting Pleasant Company/American Girl dolls at 9 years old, I always dreamed of passing on my collection and my love of historical dolls to my girls someday. I've been so saddened to see what Mattel has done to my favorite hobby. "Follow your inner star"?? What kind of hocus pocus baloney is that??

I'm thinking we may go the way of the Life of Faith dolls. They're a newer creation since American Girl, but they provide not only the beautiful dolls and lots of clothes & accessories, they stay true to passing values on to little girls. They're not hip, trendy or sensual; they're lacy, frilly, sweet & pretty. They promote femininity instead of feminism.

So, it may be a little ways off still, but until Madison can start dreaming of doll collecting, I'll do it for her.

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