Thursday, May 22, 2008

Godzilla Baby

On one end of our coffee table there are 2 piles of books, magazines & Bibles that Madison has been trained not to touch -- and usually she does pretty good. The other end of the coffee table has a little pile of Madison's books along with a little box of her toys, which she is allowed to touch. Her daily routine has become standing at the coffee table (she loves to stand) and dropping every book and toy onto the floor. Then when she naps I pick them up... and once she gets up, she comes out and drops them all onto the floor again. It's so cute. For now. ;-)


Sarah Mehrens said...

Ah yes.... Training them what they can and cannot touch. Lauren's fascinated with our magazine rack. The few times she's gotten into it when my back is turned she's destroyed the magazines. I'm really working on teaching her it's not to be touched. It will take some time since she's doesn't spend a lot of time in our room so it's a rare lesson.

I see Madison has "The Jolly Barnyard". My niece has that and has learned that dogs say, "Bow wow" it's really cute to here a toddler saying "Bow wow" -- it'll be fun when Madison and Lauren get to that stage.

Kinsleys3 said...

Yep, that book was an Easter gift from Great Grandma T. Madison has just recently started showing interest in looking at books. Before she just tried to wiggle out of our arms & back to the floor -- or eat the book. It's fun to see her recognize a picture of a dog or cat (which are presently her fave animals).