Saturday, May 31, 2008

How Old Are They Now?

Today we went to the annual NYS LEAH (Homeschool) Convention in Rochester. Madison went with us, and she did exceptionally well for being out all day long. She caught only one 30-min. cat nap and still was in a pleasant mood most of the day. It gives me hope for when we spend a day at Seabreeze next month! As always, the presentations and teachings at convention were excellent. It was also great to see so many familiar faces, especially after being out of the state for 3 years.

The funny thing about seeing people after a number of years is you lose all concept of time and how old they are now. This is especially true when you're talking about kids. Some I hadn't seen for a few years because of being away; others I hadn't seen because I've been out of school for over a decade & so am not involved in the same activities anymore. Some of the 'kids' I knew in both categories caused me to do a double take this weekend. Kids that I think of as 5 or 6 or 7 are now teenagers or graduating or in college! Granted if you do the math and that's what they were 10 years ago, of course that's where they'd be now. But despite that, you still don't expect it somehow & it surprises you. Crazy.

All of this also made me realize, I don't know many 'kids' anymore! Except everyone's babies that are suddenly becoming kids! Even crazier.

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