Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Update on the Almost-Graduate

So Matt heard back from the college and, while he does still have to have one more Arts & Science course (3 more credits), because it was their error in the advice they gave him, they are extending his enrollment date until October. That way he doesn't have to pay next year's tuition. A friend of Matt's, who has also obtained a degree through non-traditional means, recommended taking the Psychology CLEP test. His friend told him it was easy enough he could spend one day studying for it and take it the next - and at this point, easy and getting it over with is what Matt's looking for, since he thought he was done. So while this has all been annoying and disappointing, it could be worse. Hopefully it will finally (truly) be done soon!


Niecey said...

Well that's good news. I hope it all works out and goes smoothly.

Sarah Mehrens said...

That's some good news. I've been meaning to email you and ask what was going on.