Friday, June 26, 2009

Firstborn Playtime

Madison has recently taken a new fascination with Little People, partly due to watching a Little People video. It's been cute watching her play with them -- although to her, part of playing with her toys means organizing her toys. (Takes after her mom ;-)

Oh - I should add, the other non-Little People here is Noah from a cloth Noah's Ark set. But Madison calls him 'Moses'. All old men or Bible characters are 'Moses'. She reads a book about Jesus and when pointing to the picture says, 'Moses!' We were in the parking lot of a Catholic church the other day and there was a statue of Mary. She pointed to it, crying out excitedly, "Moses!!" I was like - well, close enough. ;-)

Avery at 16 weeks (I started to type 14 and when I counted it out realized I was off by 2 weeks - Oops!) -- Starting to look older, must be the hair coming in -


Niecey said...

She is looking older. She looks nice and healthy, and beautiful. I love the "Moses" thing. They do all look the same in the kids illustrations books.

S. Mehrens said...

Curious, what does she do with the little people? That's hilarious about "moses". :)

Kinsleys4 said...

Sarah - Right now she doesn't do much of anything with the Little People. I keep waiting for her to 'play' with them. Mostly she just lines them up. However, we have a Little People video she's started watching recently, and I think since watching that, she 'plays' with them more.