Monday, June 1, 2009

Verbal Acrobats

Madison's vocabulary keeps growing by leaps and bounds. She has something to say about everything (and she's not yet 2!). I got new diapers for her that have stars on them -- I pointed out, "Look Madison, see the stars?" She responded, "Yes, I see 'em, Momma!" It took me aback - I'm not used to her talking in complete sentences! Then, shortly after she came up to me, "I want a cracker, Momma." To which I corrected, "I want a cracker PLEASE, Momma." We're working on the please thing. ;-) It's crazy though - this whole new 'complete sentences' stage.

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Niecey said...

That's awesome. It always feels like magic when they learn to do something like that. It's amazing.