Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day Memories

One of the holidays we LOVE being back in NY for is the 4th of July. There's nothing like spending a warm summer day on the lake, relaxing and doing fun outdoor activities. (Of course, that being said, 4th of July was one of our favorite holidays in NE too -- walking in parades with the Governor, watching fireworks over the lake at our friends' lighthouse...)

This year we had a progressive picnic of sorts. We started with a cookout at some friends' house, complete with a walk through their amazing gardens. We then moved the party down to my parents' place on the lake where we concluded the day with dessert, badminton, swimming in my aunt & uncle's pool next door, and finally a campfire and music. (Plus more badminton until the sky was too dark to see the birdie! Some committed players, I tell ya!) Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures of the first half of the day due to chasing after kids (if I get a hold of someone else's camera, I'll post more pics later), but here are some from the latter half.

Avery, as Sweet Pea --

My dad and Aunt Anny - the team to beat --

Jen and Alyssa - the team that finally took them down!

The moon is high, the sea is deep, they rock and rock and rock to sleep (from The Good Night Book, which Madison has memorized) --

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