Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Weebles Wobble

Avery is to the point now where she can sit up without using her hands to prop or steady herself. But she's still a little wobbly when she leans too far and tends to fall over. While she is able to sit by herself, I still haven't seen her doing it often. She usually lays on the floor and scootches around or whatever. This afternoon I walked into the room to see her just sitting there, upright and totally on her own, smiling away at me. I grabbed the camera and (with Madison 'helping' - I should say "Madison-zilla") here's what we got...

1 comment:

Niecey said...

Haha, great ending.
Madison is quite the chatterbox. And I love all the giggling in the background. And Avery is so clever and so cute!