Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We're Home!

We're in the new house! I feel so tired and overwelmed and like I should be spending these quiet moments while the girls are sleeping doing more unpacking or organizing - but I need a break. I'd really like to just take the day off & pretend there's nothing left to do... but then I trip over a box and my sore toe reminds me that it would be better to get settled in as soon as possible.

Our 'closing date' came last Thursday with the seller's attorney still promising our attorney would have the paperwork necessary -- and to date, our attorney STILL does not have the necessary paperwork. Thank the Lord the pre-possession paperwork went through so we're not homeless. We were able to get into the house last Thursday and get to work. Our big move was on Saturday. We had over a dozen people, a moving truck, several cars, a pickup truck, and a couple vans pulling trailers -- and thankfully that was enough to haul everything in one trip. The loading took just over 2 hours and the unloading took just over 2 hours. It felt longer ;-) but I was pleasantly surprised it didn't take longer and super blessed by our friends, family and church that came out to help.

Saturday night was our first night staying in the house. We've gotten a good amount of unpacking done in the past couple days but of course, there is still plenty to do. The hard thing is trying to figure out what to do next. Some boxes I want to unpack but then realize that I should set up a bookshelf first to have a place to unpack the items in the box... but then I think I should first clean the floor or put down a rug so the floor is clean before the bookshelf goes down -- stuff like that. I find myself often either standing in a room just thinking and doing nothing -- or I go to do something in the kitchen like make a sandwich and I've walked around the room 3 full times before I collect all the items needed b/c either I can't find them or I'm not used to the flow of the kitchen yet. So I find myself wasting time either way -- by doing nothing or by doing more than necessary. But I know this too shall pass. It's only been a few days!

This morning I went to our church's ladies Bible study which is now just a 4 minute drive from our house. I went there after dropping off Madison at my brother's house (which is just 1 minute past the location of the Bible study) to play with her cousin's. Avery went with me and did well most of the time -- she got pretty tired & fussy toward the end. It was good to be out and part of a group activity though.

Poor Matt has come down with a cold on top of allergy overload from moving/dust/cleaning this past weekend. So here in his first week to commute to work, he is feeling horribly crappy. We're praying he'll get better & it won't drag on forever.

Speaking of dragging on forever, while we are very very thankful we are in the house we continue to be very frustrated with the seller's attorney who are dragging their feet and NOT doing what they say when it comes to our closing. It's nice to be in the house but it still makes me a little uneasy, taking residence in a house we don't own. I want to tie up the loose ends and make it official, but it's out of our hands. So we wait.

I know you're all anxious for pictures -- I'm anxious to give a photo tour! But there is still so much to do and I want to actually have presentable pics to show! So be patient -- hopefully by this weekend I can get a few pics up.

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Niecey said...

Ok, ok, I'll be patient and wait for pics. Or I'll try.

I'm tired just thinking about it all. I'm glad you're through the worst of it and are in to the settling in stage. I'm excited for you.