Monday, April 21, 2008

One Man's Junk

I just returned from a painful walk around the block. Not because I'm physically out of shape (Ok, well maybe that too), but because my timing was too late. In walking through a nearby well-to-do neighborhood, I realized it must be garbage day as all of their garbage dumpsters and bags were by the curb. As I walked, I began to pass piles of things that I wouldn't call junk. In fact, I realized I had just hit the jackpot in finding treasure! I passed a couple wooden deck chairs in great shape - probably just needed a couple big cushions. I passed a child's car booster seat and high chair/booster seat. I passed a bunch of little white picket fencing, like what you'd place around a flower bed. I began to walk faster, getting excited about the goodies I could bring home later once Matt was home from work & I had access to the car. At the moment, I wasn't able to take any action as I was on foot with the baby in the stroller.

But then, as I got to the end of the housing complex and turned the corner back to the main street, a dump truck passed me, turning into the complex road. UGGGHHH!! Now all of those lovely items are headed to a landfill somewhere. Now that's truly painful.


Sarah Mehrens said...

At least now you know about them. Maybe you can beat the truck in the future? That happens around here. My friend V has put things outside and they're gone in a few hours.

Niecey said...

We've had to throw out some pretty decent things recently too. We're goodwilling most stuff, but the upstairs closet had mouse poo in it, and all over Zoe's bassinet and bouncer chair. Ugh. So we threw it out and are buying new ones for Turtle. I hate throwing out things in good condition, but I know mouse poo can contain dangerous viruses and I'm not risking it. Annoying though.

Kinsleys3 said...

Ugh, it's painful to have to do though isn't it? The Goodwills around here are as good to shop at either - we miss Lincoln's.