Friday, November 21, 2008

Close-to-Christmas Confessions

Ok Ok! I confess! I did it! I couldn't help it! We've been waking up every day this week to steady, fluffy, beautiful snow... and I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I couldn't help it! I listened to Christmas music!! There I said it. (Now my family will probably disown me ;-) The mood is set for the season in this area. There's a lovely blanket of white everywhere. Makes me want to get the tree up, pull out the Christmas music, and burn some festive candles.

Although, I have been hearing people talk about how Thanksgiving is so "late" this year. I hadn't really been paying attention, but I suppose if I want to feel less guilty, I could justify it by saying in another year, it might already be past Thanksgiving by now!


Kinsleys3 said...

Hmm, I feel less guilty for feeling Christmasy when I see Niecey now has a Christmas tree icon posted on her blog too! ;-)

Anonymous said...


we have been listening to Christmas music for the past 3 weeks! Tyler thinks I'm crazy, and to be honest, I am...............I just love Christman music and love this season! Take care-Michelle for all

Sarah M. said...

I listened the other day to my new CD, Sarah Brightman's Christmas CD. So yeah... I listened before Thanksgiving. Heheh. :) I like your point about in other years Thanksgiving would have been past by now. :)

Niecey said...

Yeah totally! I have my Christmas box all looked out and ready to set up the minute it hits Dec 1st. I'm getting into the spirit too. Nothin' wrong with that! It's all jolly, joy and good will etc. Never hurt anyone :)

Kaya's doing a homeschool project on Christmas traditions, and I think that's what has us all festive a little early this year.