Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snow Day

The past few days we have been getting lake effect snow like crazy in Fairport. My friend Caryn and I decided to do a snow day with our kids this morning. Wow, is it a challenge getting 4 kids ready for the snow! (And all the mothers out there say, "AMEN!") And both Caryn & I are pregnant as well, so chasing after them and carrying them around with all our snow gear and their snow gear on proved to be quite the workout. We had a fun time though. This was Madison's first experience in the snow. Hard to tell what she thought of it. If she was upright, she seemed to like walking in it OK. If she tipped over and got snow on her hands & face, she'd cry. (She takes after her momma.)

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Sarah M. said...

SO JEALOUS! We had snow flurries the other day and it's been plenty cold enough for snow... but of course, nothing stuck and nothing since.