Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Political Party Princess

We attended Kuhl's 'victory' party last night. Unfortunately, aside from not winning victory, it was a 2 hour drive to get there, plus we took Madison, which made for a loooong night. I suppose the only highlight is that we had an excuse to dress Madison up. ;-) She claimed a balloon almost as soon as we got there and spent the evening happily (if tiredly) wandering about. Check out the expression in the first picture. She's been doing this lately - giving this frown/scowl thing.


Niecey said...

I love the scowl! And your bump is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Its beena while since I have seen some pictures. You guys all look great. Your daughter is beautiful. Congrats on the new child. It looks like the hunting lessons have come right on time with a second daughter on the way. Soon we will have to have evening meetings with high school boys.
Hope all is well

Laura Allison said...

Very cute pictures. Madison is getting so big!! Sorry about Matt's upcoming job loss. I'm sure you'll find another one soon! We'll be praying for you! Visit our blog too - and check out the pics of our girls.

Sarah M. said...

LOL re: Madison's face. You're looking very good Christa. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day and that Madison is extra good today. ;)