Wednesday, February 25, 2009

39 Weeks

Today is 39 weeks for me. Baby is still in the belly. I think the baby has dropped a little more since standing up and walking has gotten more uncomfortable -- I've gained a little bit of a waddle at times. I'm still having very few contractions so I'm guessing that, in the past week since my doctor appt. when I was not dilated at all, I probably am still not dilated much if at all. I know things could happen quickly in the next week but at this rate I'll be headed in for that March 6th c-section. We'll just continue the wait & see process. It is pretty nice to know though that one way or the other, 9 days from now it will all be over, baby will be on the outside, and I get my body back!


Niecey said...

Wow your pregnancy has flown past, for me at least. I'm praying for a safe and satisfying delivery when the time comes. I'm sooo looking forward to hearing about your new member of the family.

Kinsleys3 said...

Compared to pregnancy #1, #2 has flown by for me too! But I'm definitely ready to wrap it up!