Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tributes and Milestones

Anyone else use for their searches? Anyone else notice that Google decided to pay tribute today to Darwin for his 200th birthday... when it's also Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday? Nice to know who they think is more important.

I like the title of Ray Comfort's new book -- "You Can Lead an Athiest to Evidence, But You Can't Make Him Think."

My milestone celebration today is not a 200 year mark but a 2 and 3 week mark. I've been sick for 2 weeks now... not that I'm celebrating having a cold but after 2 long weeks, I finally feel like I'm almost better. Still have some of the congestion coming back now & then but at least I can sort of smell now. I'm also now 3 weeks from my due date, so technically, it could be any day. While I realize I could go early this time (I was a week overdue last time), I personally don't see myself going into labor until at least March. Maybe it will be a February birth, but I don't know, I just doubt it. But despite my intuition, I have my list for the hospital put together & need to start actually putting those things into a bag to have ready. I also had the brilliant notion at the store the other day that, oh yeah, it probably would be a good idea to buy some newborn diapers! I'm a little slow but I get there eventually. ;-)

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