Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bailout Blunder

The past few weeks have been insane for us - mostly for Matt. As the country rails against their Representatives in Congress over the Wall St. bailout, Matt has been taking the brunt of it since he's the one answering the phone for all those calls in our area. It's been a long few weeks, and he comes home pretty stressed out from work. We were super relieved when, during the first vote, Congressman Kuhl (his boss) was one of the House Republicans that voted against the bailout. This is what the majority of voices that Matt talked to were very loudly demanding, and we were thankful the Congressman listened to the voice of the people he represents and said no.

And then they voted again. And the second time around, he voted FOR the bailout. Basically Matt came home that day and said, "Well I guess I might as well start looking for a new job." The polls are very close with the Democrat running against Randy, and both Matt & I are convinced Randy's decision to vote in favor of the bailout will cost him the election -- and thus Matt's job. If that happens, we know the Lord will provide something else for Matt. We're not exactly looking forward to having go through the job hunt process, especially in this 'booming' economy, but we also knew it was a possiblity when he took this job.

So keep us in prayer if you think of it - that we won't worry and that the Lord will guide Matt's steps in whatever happens. And of course, pray for our country especially as Election Day approaches. What a mess we're in. I think of the vision and sacrifice of our Founding Fathers and think how horrified they would be to see things that are happening in this country today. May the heritage of their courage and patriotism remain in our hearts and homes, no matter how sour the rest of the country goes.

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