Friday, October 17, 2008

Pregnancy Update: 20 Weeks

I thought I should post an update on my pregnancy since I haven't mentioned it much since announcing we were expecting again. It's so funny how different this one is than with Madison. I guess with the first one it's so new and so uncertain as to what is happening and what's 'supposed' to happen. I was reading my "What To Expect When You're Expecting" book constantly, comparing every week to what was happening to be sure everything was on schedule. I was paranoid about what I ate, making sure I exercised. Oh how the novelty has worn off!!

This time, other than the reminder of not feeling well, I've somewhat forgotten about it. The kid's in the oven for another few months still and when time's up, it'll come out! So it's funny how non-focused on it I am this time. It's amazing to think I'm halfway through already, 20 weeks now. So things are going just fine - like I said, other than not feeling well. Sometimes I feel almost OK, other times I feel yucky. I can usually gauge how I'm feeling by if I cook dinner or not. I had about 3 weeks of throwing up at the beginning & a few random times since, but nothing recently. I think at least in part because of that, I've gained only a little bit of weight so far. (Hooray!!) So maybe I won't gain 50 lbs. this time! I haven't had nearly the heartburn I had last time - at least not yet. I have started getting it a little off & on, especially in the evening. Last week I came down with a nasty cold, so lately I've been more focused on trying to breathe than bothering to relieve any heartburn. Also no swelling so far this time.

I'm showing a little bit. I'm into maternity pants for comfort but still can wear a few regular pants. I'll post some pictures when there's enough there to be worth showing. We have an ultrasound scheduled for the end of this month for an 'anatomic scan' as my little doctor's form says. Hopefully the baby will cooperate and not be too modest. I'm sure I'll post again after that!


Sarah M. said...

I can't believe you're at 20 weeks already. You're right this second pregnancy does seem to have gone by faster. I thought it was just me since I'm an outsider this time.

Niecey said...

It's wonderful to hear how things are going :) Yeah there's nothing like the magic of the first pregnancy. It's never quite the same next time, though its still an incredible thing to be a part of God's miracle of life. It just awes me.
I hope you stop feeling yucky soon. I always feel much better by 20 weeks. Sucks that you're still yucky.