Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rhode Island Review

We made it safely home from Rhode Island. It was a FANTASTIC trip. Beautiful state, beautiful weather the entire time, great friends to visit there and the most amazing homemade cooking you've ever had in your life. Lots of fun. I'm kind of at a loss as to what pictures to post since we took nearly 500. And I'm just guessing, while you might be interested in seeing some photos, you're not 500-photos interested. ;-) Here's a sampling below. I'll try to either get a few more posted on here eventually or post a selection on Picasa.

At 'The Breakers' - one of three mansions we toured and definitely the most magnificent inside.

Looking back at a view of Cliff Walk - a 3 1/2 mile walking path that runs along the cliff, the coast on one side and mansions on the other. We walked about a mile of it.

Check out the belly from this angle. ;-)

Our amazing hosts and dear friends, the LeFevre family.

Aunt Alyssa went along to enjoy the trip and to be an extra set of hands to help with Madison.

Visited several old windmills. Many houses and structures in the area are original to the late 1700's.
So many great spots for photos along the coast. Bright sun, crashing waves, rugged coastline, whipping wind, quaint harbor villages... It was perfect.
Madison's first time visiting the ocean. She loved running in the sand and was fascinated by the sandpipers running around and the seagulls swooping overhead.


Sarah M. said...

Great pictures! And wow, look at your baby belly. :)

I told N the other day that I'd never been to RI and now after seeing your pictures I know we HAVE to go. I want to see these houses.

Niecey said...

I love the photo of the laferves!(or however its spelled)
And the one of you two just above it is gorgeous. I love your bump, so sweet.

What a stunning place to live! I might have to consider it for retirement, if Florida doesn't cut it.