Friday, January 2, 2009

Our Christmas

I'm finally getting around to posting Christmas pictures. We had a lovely Christmas with friends and family. Madison was a lot of fun opening gifts Christmas morning -- and just as fun when other people opened gifts. She'd Ooh and Aaah and gasp with delight. Thanks to so many of you, especially family far away, that were so sweet to think of Madison & send a gift. She enjoyed them all -- but especially loved the boxes. (Hey that's the way it goes at this age right!) Btw - as I type this, Madison is standing next to me going, "Mamisee! Snow!" -- she says 'Mamisee' for 'Madison'.

Playing in the snow Christmas Eve day -

After the Christmas Eve service at our church -

Matt wants to get Madison's music education started early - so she got her first guitar for Christmas!

Boppa got a new bathrobe made by Aunt Alyssa -

Madison likes to make this "grumpy" face -- it's not necessarily because she's grumpy though, it's just because -

The great-grandaughters with Great Grandma T -

Visiting with Great Grandma B and Uncle Steve & family who were visiting from New Jersey -


Niecey said...

hehe great photos. I loved them :) Thanks for sharing

Sarah M. said...

Wow, Madison is referring to herself by name? That's very impressive. Great pics, thanks for posting!