Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yesterday Madison and I joined a few friends and family for a sledding day. The temps were mild enough, the sun was bright and the wind was low -- perfect for sledding. Madison had a great time riding down the hill on someone's lap or having Uncle Jared ("Cookie" is what she calls him -- we don't know why) pull her down the hill at top speeds. As long as her hands and face stayed out of the snow, she seemed to love it. She would let out a happy "Weee!" and ask for 'more' afterward. It gives us hope that she'll be a great amusement park/roller coaster rider someday! A few photos are below -- a bunch more on Picasa -

Don't the little girls look like colorful, puffy marshmallow people?!

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Niecey said...

Mmmmmm marshmallows.

She'd get along well with Zoe then, they could sled away all day together