Saturday, January 31, 2009


I'm now on Day 2, Night 2 of being miserable. I came down with a bad cold a few days ago and, combined with the ordinary discomforts of being 8 months pregnant -- being big & awkward, having baby jabbing & beating me up from the inside, heartburn -- along with long nights, inability to breathe & swallow, and living with sleep deprivation during the day, I'm pretty much a mess. Of course, even without all the rest, the sleep deprivation would be enough to put me over the top. I just don't do well without sleep. And going through it yesterday, knowing I had more to look forward to regularly in just another months' time made me spend a good majority of the day bawling. (Which is when my husband's like "What's wrong? I'll do anything! Just stop crying!!" ;-) Men - they just don't get it.) I'm praying this virus runs its course quickly and Matt & Madison don't catch it. We'd been doing so well this winter in regard to staying healthy...

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