Monday, November 16, 2009

Early November Pics

I'm overdue to post some current pictures......

Few from Lily & Katrina's birthday party... I need to photoshop myself into this pic and we'd have 4 generations. ;-)

Lily was 6 --

Kitty was 1 -- Seriously, can you get eyes any bigger than that??

Peekaboo, Bugaboo!
Madison playing with Daddy's hat & arranging the pinecone 'food' around the table --
Madison's outfit for church on Sunday - 'Tis the season!
I love this - I told Madison, "Go stand next to Avery"

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Penguin Place said...

Oh my gosh Kitty is sooo big...she looks like Lily but with Natalie's hair,lol soo the way I LOVE the picture of Madison and Avery standing back to back...too funny!