Thursday, November 5, 2009

The House Tour: Part 4

At the top of the stairs there is a pretty wide open hallway. Directly ahead is Madison's room. Straight ahead and to the left is our bedroom. Directly to the left is the bathroom.
Pardon the boxes -- the upstairs is still a work in progress!

Looking into Madison's room. She's still in a crib for now but we have a twin bed ready for her on the front porch just waiting for some 'extra time' to get it set up.

The view looking back out of Madison's room (and a sleepy Madison who refused to get out of the picture ;-)

A shot of our bedroom. Don't you just *love* the wallpaper??? ;-) Another thing on the 'gotta go' list.
Unfortunately we don't have a lot of closet space. You can see the one closet we do have in the bedroom there on the right. Our plan is to knock out that wall since the closet extends all the way back to the wall, but it's impossible to get to the back of it. One of our not-right-away-but-hopefully-soon projects.
Walking back into the hallway... We have a nice landing area straight ahead. The boxes will go, and I plan to put a couple good-sized bookshelves there.
The 2nd door to the right is Avery's room. The 1st door directly on the right... the bathroom.
We painted the bathroom. And the color is slate gray, not black. ;-) We'll have white accents and silver fixtures - and hopefully white chair rail/Wayne's coating (sp?) around the bottom half of the walls.
The bathroom is the one room of the house with the biggest plans for renovation. The tub/shower is good but everything else needs to be done. Floor (who puts a carpet in a bathroom?!), double sink, lighting, vanity, etc. But as big a project as I expected it to be, it's snowballing into about 5 times bigger than my original project estimation, soooo...
Finally, we have Avery's room, another one we painted. Avery's room will be storage/nursery for some time to come. When baby #3 comes along (waaay down the road ;-), Avery will move into Madison's room.
The other side of Avery's room.
That's all folks! Thanks for joining me on this photo tour! I hope it satisfied those of you who have been eagerly waiting to see pictures for months now. We hope you will be able to stop by and see it for yourself someday soon! ~

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