Thursday, November 5, 2009

The House Tour: Part 1

The Official House Tour

Hi! Welcome to our new home!! It's hard to believe after all the trauma I can finally call it our house. I feel like I finally have the freedom to be excited and happy about it! It's been so long living here, not in 'fear' of the seller, but just with the sober knowledge that 'it's not ours yet'. So we didn't totally have the freedom to do what we wanted. But after finally closing last week, it's ours! This is definitely the biggest thing I've ever purchased -- both in physical size & cost! But I like it -- for all the work & expense, it's a fun adventure to journey through (the homeownership part - not the homebuying part).

I'll do this tour in several parts. Let's start in the front...

The front porch door is new - one of the first things we did after moving in. The old porch door was terrible and the handle pinched your hand when you closed the door -- not good with having little kids (not good for me either!).

So once you come inside the porch...

...entry door into the living room. Like the "putting green carpet", as Matt says? That's on our "it's gotta go" list. But it's a good-sized porch. We're using it for some storage right now -- a few boxes that aren't unpacked yet and some misc. things since we don't have an attic (& the garage isn't storage-ready yet).

The view from the entry door looking into the living room & through the next doorway into the dining room...

...then the view from the dining room doorway looking back into the living room toward the entry. The living room and dining rooms are 2 of the 4 rooms we painted prior to moving in. (Many more to go!)

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