Monday, November 12, 2007

On Veterans Day

Matt has today off so we've enjoyed a nice quiet day here as a family. Madison's tendencies seem to change like flipping a switch rather than gradual. Since this past weekend, instead of fussy she's suddenly increased her wake time and is super smiley & content most of the time. It's great!

She seems to have re-discovered her thumb and we've been catching her sucking it quite frequently the past few days. She may turn into a thumb-sucker after all. She was sucking her thumb in the womb (we had a 3-D ultrasound the day she was born) and it drove her mad the first few weeks of her life that she couldn't coordinate her hand to get it back in her mouth. She hasn't really attempted to find it again over the past couple months, until now.

She's made the next step toward pushing herself up on all fours. Her 'swimming' and wiggling on the floor has progressed to being able to push her back end up on her knees. The problem is when she does this, her arms go straight behind her and her face goes flat into the floor. It's very funny seeing her trying to push herself up in this position. (Hard to see in this picture since her outfit & the blanket she's on are both pink :-P)

C'mon Mama! Give me a break! I look RIDICULOUS in this silly bow you put on my head! I look like a cross between Aunt Jemima & a Christmas gift. Go ahead, laugh - I'm glad YOU think it's funny!!

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