Wednesday, November 7, 2007

She Laughed!

Finally! She laughed! She's been sort of laughing for quite a while now -- she has a huge open mouthed smile and kind of goes "HAAA". But last night she giggled. It was sooo cute!! I was grabbing her feet going "Do you have cold toes?" and I guess she found it quite funny.

She's 14 weeks old now, weighs 13 1/2 lbs. She has long legs too - some of the sleepers that fit her in the body aren't long enough in the legs. She's also been less fussy this week -- more pleasant when she's awake. Naps are still short but every once in a while she'll nap for an hour and a half instead of 30 minutes. She's also back to sleeping through the night -- waking at 5:30am however so still not on a perfect schedule. But all things considered, we'll take it!

Thank you for my cute ducky sleeper, Gov. Dave & Miss Sally!!
I've finally grown into it!


Niecey said...

Aw this is when the fun really starts. I LOVE the baby laughs. No sweeter sound. How precious.
She's so cute in that sleeper.

Sarah M. said...

Happy birthday Christa! Hope you and Matt and Madison have a great time celebrating it. Hard to think how years ago you were as little as Madison! How time flies... :)

Kinsleys3 said...

Thanks Sarah! It was a great birthday - but went by too fast.