Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Snow has arrived in Nebraska --

In fact, in the minutes since I took this picture, it's coming down a lot harder. I suppose it wouldn't seem like such a big deal (it is the end of November after all) except it was about 80 degrees just two days ago!! And it's actually coming down so fast, it's accumulating on the ground & cars! (I told my husband this morning, 'No honey, it won't accumulate, the ground is too warm.' Well I admit - I was wrong!) I need to figure out what winter clothes I need to get for Madison. So far I've had plenty seasonal clothes for her, but I don't think I have much in the way of warm stuff, especially for outdoors.

Our baby sling arrived the end of last week --

We've been trying it off and on, still trying to get the hang of what's comfortable for baby & the person carrying her.

Madison is going on 17 weeks and just had her 4 month checkup today. The doctor said, and I quote, "She looks great." I think every mom likes to hear that from a 'professional'. Her weight - now 13 lb. 3 oz. - has lowered in percentile from last time but her height/length (26 in.) has gone up from 90 to 95%! She seems to be stretching out instead of chunking up as far as babies go. I uploaded a few various 16 week pictures.

Ok, one last picture here that makes me laugh. My husband was being a good hubby & helping wash the dishes. Only he added soap and went into the other room to do something. I walked into the kitchen to see soap suds getting higher & higher in the sink!!

Oh well - at least he's trying to help!

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