Monday, November 12, 2007

Stuffing Birthday Week

My birthday week is coming to a close (it was last Wed. 11/7) and I just finished the rounds for the last of my free birthday meals. Call it being thrify or cheap or just knowing how to work the system, but I had signed up for the birthday 'club' deals at a whole bunch of restaurants. When my birthday came, I got emails from them with - for most of them - a coupon to get a free meal. You also get a week to use the coupon, which gave me time to get my free meal from each restaurant. Delicious! Ugh, but now I'm so stuffed from all these big meals... Back to eating light the rest of this week!

If you haven't already, be sure to sign yourself & each member of your family up for the following restaurants' birthday deals (and if there are more places I don't know about, pass the tip on to me so I can get signed up there, too!) -- Noodles & Co., Famous Dave's, Red Robin, Caribou Coffee, Coldstone Creamery. Enjoy!

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