Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Baby Room

I never actually decorated a baby room. In Nebraska, we were in a one-bedroom apartment. Now in a two-bedroom in NY, I don't expect we'll be living in this apartment permanently, so I still haven't bothered to decorate Madison's room. (And at a 11 months, she doesn't care!) However, when I recently found an amish bonnet, quilt, and 1800's christening gown at a rummage sale and thrift store (for a total of about $2.25), I couldn't help but put them on display over her crib.

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Sarah Mehrens said...

Cute items. :) I know what you mean about not wanting to decorate a room when you'll be moving. You know what could be fun to go with what you have -- put up a simple pine shelf with hooks to hang the bonnet and dress off of and then add a doll or candle. It'd give you an oldfashioned look, but would remain simple. Just a thought.