Monday, June 16, 2008

Dance Review

WOW! The dance recital on Friday was amazing. The whole show - from music to costumes to choreography was unbelievable. We knew many of the dancers that performed. The theme was 'Dance Through The Ages' so the music and dance styles were very diverse. Of course, everyone's favorite is always the Irish dancers. They have done soft shoe in the past but this year also did hard shoe. The final dance of the night was their hard shoe performance to Simple Gifts. The song got faster & faster at the end, and it was amazing how fast those girls' feet moved! It was also amazing to see their teacher, Maureen, perform (original member of Riverdance). I've never seen anyone kick their leg and knee up so high and effortlessly, specifically at a live show. I didn't get any pictures myself - I'll try to get a few up eventually - but in the meantime, our friend Jeremy took some great pictures on his new camera, so you can check out his mini-slideshow on their blog.

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