Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer & the Battle of Extremes

Ok, so technically summer doesn't begin for another almost 2 weeks. But it feels like the peak of summer already. With several muggy days in the 90's, we're ready for a little break. Our problem with this hot weather is we're either roasting or freezing -- can't seem to find a happy medium. Our apartment has an a/c unit in the living room. We were originally told we'd have no problem cooling our whole place with it. Later a maintenance guy laughed at that notion & said, "Well it's only meant to cool one room." Lovely. So we leave the a/c running 24/7 in hopes to circulate a little bit of cool air into the bedrooms. It usually results in being freezing cold all day long [I sit here at the computer with my slippers on & a blanket wrapped around me] and still being too warm at night. Conversely, when we stay at my parents, we have a/c in the bedroom at night but none in the rest of the house during the day. But at least there we are able to pass the heat of the day soaking in the lake.


Sarah Mehrens said...

Have you tried fans to blow the air into the other rooms?

We only have 2 units, which is about 1-2 short for our place, but we've managed to make due by lowering the blinds during the day, keeping the lights off and putting up fans to help circulate the air. It is over 105 today with the heat index, but I think we're doing pretty good keepin gthe house to a mid 80s range.

Kinsleys3 said...

Yep - We keep the blinds closed & have a fan (I'd like to get another one or two) blowing air into the bedrooms. Unfortunately, though we have another window a/c unit, the apt complex we're in won't let us use it. Frustrating!

As a side note, my dad called BJ's today and found out they are completely sold out of a/c units & fans!! People are hot & desperate!

Sarah Mehrens said...

Are you serious re: not letting you use a second unit. That's just lame. You're paying the bills why should they care?!

Know what you mean about people being sold out. It's like that with snow equipment down here the day we hear "This will be the big one!"

Niecey said...

They won't let you use the window unit? That's insane!

We're loving having central air. We're keeping it between 75 and 80 during the day and at about 83ish at night. We're using fans too. So much better than the poorly insulated house on South St.

Kinsleys3 said...

We miss our central air in NE as well. Man, so now we could play Killer Bunnies with the cool a/c AND a level floor!!