Friday, August 22, 2008

An Accomplishment

Yesterday my mom and sister came up to help keep an eye on Madison so I could overhaul her clothing -- box up the stuff that was too small, get out the next box of clothes her size, and sort through new clothes that had been given to me over the past couple months. I'd gotten behind and was starting to get piles all over her room! I think I put away about 3/4 of the clothes I had out for her. It was amazing how I could look at a piece of clothing and think "Oh this will still fit her", but then when I held it up to her, her legs were several inches too long for the outfit! I was like - 'Hey! When did you grow?!' It great to get that task accomplished and have her clothes organized once again.

In other news, we're all feeling much better. Madison is in a much more chipper mood and her spots are nearly gone. Yesterday she just had a slight rash left on her legs. Today I can still see it but it's more faint. By tomorrow I expect it will all be cleared up. I still have my doubts that any of her fussiness had to do with teething... She really never had any other teething symptoms. And, well, she doesn't have any more teeth breaking through yet either! So maybe all the crankiness was related to the fever/roseola and just the process of getting back to feeling normal.

Matt is doing better after having a big allergy attack this past weekend. He took a long walk with his friend Andy through the fields at my parents' place and came home a congested, sneezing mess. He's still fighting some symptoms - not sure if it's all allergies or if he has a touch of something else - but he's still better overall.

I'm also feeling better as my first trimester nears its end -- I'm around 12 weeks. My stomach still lurches at times, but overall I'm feeling less ill, am able to eat more & cook more, and have had more energy. Praise the Lord! Weird as it sounds, it's a great feeling to wake up and think, "I feel like cleaning the bathroom today!" Go figure.

Please continue to pray for Matt as he studies for his final psychology exam to conclude his degree. His test is scheduled for Sept 6 at 8 AM. Please pray he passes so the degree will finally be done!


Sarah Mehrens said...

Looks nice. I have to figure out what to do since the tubs I have are filled with 0-9 month clothing and Lauren's on her way out of 12 month (some) and then there's all the 2-4T clothing we've been given.... Ah!!!

Btw, do you ever have problems with Madison pulling clothes off the shelf and dragging them about her room?

Kinsleys3 said...

She's usually too distracted with dragging clothes from the piles all over the floor to notice the shelves... but yeah, she likes to drag around clothes! And shoes!