Monday, August 18, 2008

Visitor From Afar

After being away from Nebraska for 6 months, we were blessed to see a familiar Nebraska face this weekend. Matt's good friend Andy had travels that brought him to our area of New York. He spent the weekend with us at my parents' place and got a taste of life on the Finger Lakes -- boating, tubing, cooking out and taking walks in the beautiful wooded countryside. Matt especially enjoyed the time catching up face to face. It's so hard to have friends far far away!

In other news, keep little Madison in your prayers. She's in full blown teething mode with fever, rash & fussiness. It's so hard to know what to do for the poor little thing at times. She didn't have a fever today (after having one off & on for the past 3 days), but she was super fussy all day long - never really seemed content & happy. We don't know this little girl!! The little girl we're used to is very happy go lucky. Please pray this phase passes quickly & she'll feel better soon!

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