Friday, August 8, 2008

Boise Visit

We made it back from Boise without any problem. One of our connecting flights was a bit delayed but it was our 3rd and final flight of the day, so it didn't cause us to miss any connections. It's so hard to believe we've been on vacation and it's over already! Time does fly. Our visit in Boise was a lot of fun. It was a nice mix of visiting with Matt's family, getting to do some sightseeing, and relaxing. Madison adjusted well for being in a new place, and she really seemed to enjoy playing with her cousins.

I'll post a few pictures below and the rest (hopefully with captions) on Picasa.
The fan club of cousins upon meeting Madison for the first time --

Cousin Abby feeding Madison and holding Trace --

Grammy feeding Madison her birthday ice cream cone --

Visiting the Morrison Knudsen Nature Center --

I guess I must have been taking most of the pictures since this was the only picture I ended up in!

Visiting the Old State Pen, built in 1870 --

At the Boise Zoo --
Beautiful scenic views --

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