Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well apparently my diagnosis that Madison's fever and rash were from teething was incorrect. This morning she woke up with her rash having spread up her chest and onto her face. Since this is Day 5 of her not feeling good (she had fever Fri-Sun and rash starting yesterday) and she still wasn't showing signs of improvement, I decided to take her to the doctor to be on the safe side. I'm glad I did - it was good to find out what she had and not just be stuck wondering about this mystery rash. I was told Roseola is very common (though to be honest I can't ever remember hearing about it before) and it simply runs it's course - few days of fever, few days of rash. There's no treatment; it just comes then goes. So it was good to know it was nothing serious -- but boy it sure looks serious! Poor little Madison -- the rash has already spread even more than in the picture. The doctor also said Madison's fussiness really isn't connected to the Roseola -- that that could be connected to the teething.

So that's the diagnosis - Thanks for praying! Keep her in your prayers as she gets over this - hopefully both the rash and fussiness will pass quickly.


Sarah Mehrens said...

Poor baby! You know... when you mentioned the rash the other day I totally forgot a friend mentioned a couple months ago the same symptoms and it was around the time her daughter turned one and was getting her first teeth. For her it turned out just like Madison, roseola. I didn't think of it again until you posted this/emailed me. Hope M is doing better.

Niecey said...

Poor little girl. I hope she gets over it really fast.