Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Wheels

Due to our growing family, we knew that before March, we'd need to get a bigger vehicle. Our sedan is so small it literally will not fit a 2nd carseat in the back if we wanted to. We've been keeping our eye out for minivans - though we have plenty of time before baby #2 comes along, so we weren't really in a hurry. Matt happened across a 2001 Montana in the classifieds last week though which sounded like a good deal. We went to check it out and ended up buying it that day! We really love the van - it's in beautiful condition, drives smoothly and is really roomy. The one problem is the a/c is not working - so we have to get that looked at and are hoping it will be an easy fix, though we're expecting it to be pricey. When I had my Pontiac before it had issues with the a/c that plagued me for years. I'm praying that's not the case with the van! But we had prayed the right vehicle would come along and we really feel this was the one. So we're greatly enjoying spreading out a bit more when we drive -- though it is amazing how as soon as we have all that extra cargo space, we fill it up with stuff!!

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