Thursday, December 18, 2008

The New Job

The job hunt is over -- at least for now. After a month and a half of hearing nothing back from multitudes of job applications, Matt happened to talk to the office manager here at our apt. complex and found out they were looking to hire a full time cleaning/asst. maintenance person. It will be a substantial pay cut from what he's making now (but then, most of the hiring rates around here were going to be), but it does provide a pretty good discount on our rent. Matt will also plan to pick up more students with his part-time College Plus coaching job, and between that and the cleaning job, we think we can make ends meet for a while. He gave the apt. complex a commitment of 3 months which will keep some income flowing but also allow him to keep looking for a more long-term job situation. Maybe in a few months' time, more people will be hiring. So this will hold us over for now. (It's better than NO job!) Matt's also been feeling stifled in office jobs and wanting to do something different, more physical labor, so this will be a nice breather for him. It may also allow him to pick up some handyman skills as he'll be working with the regular maintenance guys from time to time. The fact that he won't have to drive anywhere means no increase in our gas cost which helps too.

It's not the big Christmas miracle job I was hoping for, but as He promised, the Lord has provided for our needs for today and He's causing our faith to grow. We know this is not a long-term solution, but we will continue to believe the Lord will provide for our needs when tomorrow gets here. We walk by faith and not by sight (like it or not right now!).

Thank you to the many of you who have offered prayers and encouragement for us. And to those of you who offered your basements to us if we really did become homeless. ;-)

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Niecey said...

I'm glad you have something for now. Must be quite a relief. I'm sure God has more in store for later