Thursday, December 4, 2008

Other Words

A few other words in Madison's vocabulary (some new, some not new but weren't used regularly until recently) --

~ Her favorite word - 'cheese' (She's added some other food words lately too, which I can't think of right now)
~ Her other favorite thing - counting to three, which is often still "two, phwee, two, phweee!"
~ 'More' -- which she generally says now instead of signing
~ 'Please'
~ 'Good girl'
~ 'Yucky', 'Ducky', 'Fishy', 'Kitty kitty', 'Doggy' (which comes out 'goggy')
~ 'Oh no' -- which when she says it, she always sounds like she has a clothespin on her nose!
~ 'Teeth' -- to brush her teeth, and 'potty' when she goes to sit on her potty
~ 'Shoe' and 'socky' -- she loves shoes
~ 'Hot' has been one she's used for a while - for the oven, our coffee mugs, etc.
~ And I have to say, it's too sweet having her saying 'I love you' back to us all the time now. She even says it in response to her Build-a-bear which has a little 'I love you' push button in its hand.

Madison has been calling people by their names more often - including the pets. She's also been singing a lot more lately - along with her dancing - and "reading" her books aloud. It's just amazing how well she communicates at this age -- we're really enjoying it. Of course, I have yet to be able to capture much on video -- typical.


Niecey said...

what a clever wee girl

Sarah M. said...

I'm impressed with how quickly and vast her vocabularly has gotten! Go Madison!