Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Walking In Momma's Shoes

She's just started doing this - and figuring out how to take small steps so as not to trip. I'd like to get her her own slippers, but she doesn't even like to leave her socks on -- I think slippers would probably not be worthwhile just yet.

You can see she still has the recurring rash around her mouth. It started when the weather turned colder and has continued off and on ever since, despite our pulling the pacifier plug. She seems to have a combination of chapped and (her daddy's) sensitive skin. Hopefully mild weather this spring will correct the problem.

Madison loves her little wooden chair that Aunt Alyssa let her borrow (pictured in one of the last posts). She's doing better at not standing in it, but I still have to tell her to sit on occasion. When she does, I say "good girl". Well now Madison is telling herself what to do. She'll half stand/half squat in the chair, look at me and go "Siiiiit. Siiiiit. Good girl." It's pretty funny.

Also newsworthy, she's finally started to cut a few more teeth. (No, that's not what the rash is from. And no, no other side effects so far.) So far she's only had the 2 top middle and the 2 bottom middle -- for months now. I stuck my finger in her mouth this week just to see if I could feel any more. She has one cut through & another trying to cut through on either side of her top two. And she has one cutting through beside her bottom two. She's such an eater - I hope they keep coming quickly! Although, despite not having many teeth to help her out, she has no problem eating just about anything we put in front of her.


Sarah M. said...

Great pics. I love that! Lauren put on my shoes for the first time Sunday and was walking around very slowly. It was very funny.

Poor M and her rash. I hope you're able to find something to get rid of it. Poor thing.

V-funny about the chair and "good girl" -- too cute. Lauren's getting her own table and chair for Christmas -- N's making it -- so we'll see how that goes, but she's desperately wanting her own chair right now and its evident in how she tries to find other things to sit on.

Merry Christmas!

Kinsleys3 said...

Aww, she is going to LOVE her table & chair! I can't wait to hear about it after she gets it!