Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Parents Rights In Danger

When I first saw Barak Obama was going to win the election, and knowing the Dems have a big majority in Congress, one of my first thoughts was the fear they will now pass the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. It's a treaty that's been around for, I want to say at least 10 years now, and every time it comes up, it's been defeated. So far. But with those with liberal viewpoints in power, there is now little to restrain them from enacting this in our country. And if they do, parents rights will be greatly in danger and the fundamental right of parents to make decisions in the lives of their children could be stripped away. It's already happened in many countries around the world.

There's a group working to pass a Parents Rights Amendment -- check out http://www.parentalrights.org/. I get their email updates - here's a blurb from their most recent, talking about the treaty's Right to Play Sports:

I could not escape the irony. “The fundamental right to play sports” is being sponsored through official UN programs, promoted by sports heroes in various parts of the world. Yet, the truly fundamental right of parents to guide the upbringing of their children is systematically stripped away – as are the children themselves, in many cases – without charges, without a conviction, without even a trial. Perhaps worst of all, these warped international principles are the ones being adopted here in America. Fitness is important, and sports are great fun, but parents are absolutely vital. Shouldn’t children have a right to those, as well?

If you haven't been aware of the issues connected to this treaty, check out http://www.parentalrights.org/ to see what's going on. And please be alert and vigilant as the new administration takes over. Let's not allow more of our freedoms to be stripped away. 'We the people' must make our voices heard.

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Niecey said...

That really scares me. I'm definitely not a mainstream parent,
I hate to think what could happen. Homeschool rights, vaccination choices etc.

Scotland is considered to have a nanny government but to be honest, I felt I had loads more freedom over there to raise my kids how I felt best.